Mar 30, 2012

Done With Cable

Author: Isiah Williams

Due to service interruptions and poor customer service I have had it with my cable company. These problems have been going on for the past several months. I have given them plenty of time to rectify the situation but my patience has run out. I was looking for different options and I stumbled across After doing some research, I decided that it was time to pack my bags and leave cable in the dust. As a business owner myself I take pride in having excellent customer service and providing the best service possible to my clients. I cannot fathom why a company, especially one as large as my previous cable company, would not have these things as two of the tenets of their business model. Maybe when a company gets that big then it is hard to control everything that goes on in the lower levels. My dedication to the people I serve has paid of in the long run. Sure, maybe it requires some extra work and sacrifices on my end, but I have seen how that pays off.

The Gulf Shores Wedding Chapel in Alabama

If you are looking for a stress-free wedding, check out Gulf Shores Wedding Chapel which is located in the Gulf Shores along Orange Beach in Alabama. This property has two acres of landscaped gardens with a beautiful wedding chapel, a reception hall, arbors, fountains, open air pavilion, outdoor bandstand. They have a nice patio for dancing, has a bridal bridge and wedding gazebo which is overlooking the lake. Check out this chapel today.

Enroll in an Online Degree Program

After a big wedding celebration and you are already settled in your new home, what will be your career plan? Are you aiming for a career move such as studying an AA degree or learn more skills which are beneficial to your career right now? If you have a good job, you need to aim for more to reach that ladder of success. Experience is truly a mile advantage compared to other people but with proper credentials, you will go a long way better in all career fields.

Currently, we live in computer age where all aspects of our lives involved with technology. In fact, if we look around inside our home and our workplace, everything we use function in digital. We communicate faster because of Internet and Wi-Fi access, and before we knew it, what was new last month will be obsolete in 4 weeks' time. This trend would tell us that our world is constantly aiming for higher knowledge and we should too. We need to aim higher for our career, right?

Do you considering enrolling for online learning from an accredited college? It will surely give you the ability to be on the line for a promotion on your company. If you plan to enroll and wanted to complete the online bachelor degree programs, do it now. You can finish your degree in few months and you needed it if you wanted a career move. If you are a degree holder, you can enroll in online masters programs today and it will surely increase your income potential.

If you are looking for a new career, you may want to consider enrolling into a new program in an online school. You can still work on your job, do your role as a parent, and study online degree programs all at the same time. For sure, you will gain entry into a number of well-paying companies in your area. Don't let yourself left behind with all the opportunities. Don't settle down for where you are now. Strive to do better and gain more skills and knowledge. Enroll today and be a successful in your field.

Mar 29, 2012

Harassing Bill Collectors

If you are a newlywed couple and for some reason or other you have gotten yourself into debt and are being harassed by a law firm that specializes in bill collectors there are some options open to you.

What can I do when a collection attorney is harassing me about my debt to his client? You must keep in mind that a collection attorney will be very zealous about trying to collect the debt that you owe his client. But you to have the option to obtain legal advice also on how to handle the demand for payment. I would certainly suggest this if you have a counterclaim about the amount that you owe.

There is a law on the books that is designed to help you it is called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This will give you some information on how to stop bill collectors from harassing you.

You can also report any violation of this law to the Federal Trade Commission there is a toll-free number 877-FTC-HELP.

Mar 28, 2012

Apply For A Passport

If you are applying for a passport for the first time you must apply in person. If you are under the age of 16 you must also apply in person. If your current passport was issued more than 15 years ago or your passport was lost, stolen or damaged you also apply in person. If you have legally changed your name and are unable to legally document the name change you must also apply in person.

To apply for the passport you must fill out form D-11 which is the actual application. You must

prove that you are a US citizen generally your birth certificate will be enough evidence. .You will need at least one passport photo the only thing left to do after this pay your fee. Good Luck

Mar 27, 2012

Small Wedding

When you are dreaming of your wedding you want it to be extravagant and elegant as it can be with all your friends and family a very large affair.

Did you know that a small wedding has certain advantages and can be equally as beautiful as a large one. A small wedding can be much easier to plan with a lot less stress. A small wedding can also be less expensive than a large one the church or hall where the event will be held can be much smaller. With a smaller group you can concentrate on spending more time with each person and really enjoy yourself. The refreshments for your wedding can also be more expensive as you will only be entertaining a small group. So to be able to focus on your immediate family and friends and have less stress you might want to consider a small wedding.

Mar 26, 2012

The Wedding March

The music at a wedding is very important from wedding March to the music played at the reception.

There are many different types of music you may use from music performed by a live band or a single vocalist to pre-recorded songs performed by a DJ. The choice is really up to the couple being married. Music is usually used to announce the bride and groom or in the traditional wedding March which is over 100 years old as the bride walks down the aisle this song is usually referred to as here comes the bride. Many couples have their favorite song and may use it during the ceremony or at the first dance at the reception. Like I said before the wedding music is really the choice of the bride and groom and depends on their taste in music.

Mar 24, 2012

K-3 Nonimmigrant Visa

If you are a young newlywed married in a foreign country and want to bring your spouse to the United States you must file a form I – 130.

You might ask your self this question is there a way to bring my spouse to the United States while waiting for the form I –130 two be processed? The answer to this question is yes. You may file for

a non-immigrant K-3 visa. This visa will entitle your spouse took up to the United States to live and work while they are processing the I – 130 form. .For more information. Ad requirement. Fr this type of visa go to the .US Citizenship and Immigration Service website and go to the non-immigrant visa page. You may also find additional information on the US State Department websit.

Mar 20, 2012

Rental Scams

If you are a newlywed and do not own your own condo or house you probably are looking for a nice apartment to live in.

I know you will be searching the Internet for the best possible deal. Once you have found your ideal place to live I suggest you leave the Internet and deal with the landlord in person. Why you might ask? There aren't many rental scams that originate on the Internet and the schemers are from foreign countries such as Nigeria. These con men will steal photographs of legitimate property and use them in a bogus ads that is why it is so important to physically inspect the house that you want to rent, if the so-called landlord can not meet you or have a representative meet you at the property there is definitely something wrong. Do not send any money or personal information over the Internet or through Western Union as you will have your identity stolen and lose your deposit. The safest way to prevent any of these scenario happening to you is deal with a reputable real estate agent or company in the area you want to rent. Good luck in your search for an apartment remember use common sense and you will be okay.

I know you will be searching the Internet I know you will be searching the Internet

Mar 19, 2012

Make Your Wedding Invitation Perfect

In my lifetime, I have been invited to many weddings. I have been to formal weddings, informal weddings both large and small celebrations, I witnessed them all. The weddings held in the church and chapels are my favorite but, beach weddings are also fantastic and unique. Well, I was invited to a wedding on a cruise ship one time and it was interesting too. The most interesting wedding that amazes me was when the bride and groom arrived on a horse and carriage; on a motorcycle; in a boat and the traditional limousine.

When it comes to wedding invitations, many are just ordinary and only few marked as the extra ordinary ones. I have received invitations that are commercially made and maybe, they run out of time for creativity. There were homemade by the bride herself and this probably takes a lot of time but they were very nice and thoughtful.

I have learned from research that the original wedding invitation was not even written down. During the 15th century in England, the announcements of weddings are made by the town crier because the printing press had not yet been invented at that time. In the Middle Ages, many people could not read so; the practice of wedding invitations was only done between the nobility. These invitations were quite elaborate and they are made by monks and were handcrafted.

The wedding invitations really came into its own after World War II. The advance of the technology allowed the common man to mimic the elite society. The latest trend now is to order the invitation online which is very convenient. If you are planning for a wedding, the modern technology will allow you to have just about any type of invitation you desire. The selections of designs are so vast but, prior planning should be a must to create a perfect wedding invitation. Whether you are using a wedding planner or doing it yourself, make sure to organize because this is the key to a successful wedding.

Weight Management

You want to look the best you can on your wedding day so if you feel like you have to manage your weight before your wedding the first step would be have a talk with your doctor.

Whether you want to lose weight or just manage a healthy weight talk to your doctor so you can succeed. Wen talking to your doctor be honest about your eating habits as this will help shape your healthy eating and exercise plan. Many people feel sensitive or even embarrassed discussing their weight with the doctor your doctor is there to help you not judge you. Doctors are used to hearing about all types of eating and exercise concerns simple lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your life. You have taken the simple step to better health and are ready to take control of your weight and ahealthy lifestyle good luck .

Mar 17, 2012

The Beach Wedding

Are When you think about a beach wedding you picture beautiful sunsets or early morning sunrise and beautiful ocean views.

Before you plan your beach wedding you should research where you want to have it and what rules and regulations you will have to follow. For example some beaches in Florida do not require a fee to get married on the beach you simply have to make sure you clean up after the wedding . Other places have designated areas where you can hold a wedding.

Another thing to take into consideration is the weather you must have a Plan B if the weather takes a turn for the worst before your wedding. you should also check to make sure there is adequate electrical and water available at the location.

One of the most popular beach wedding themes is the beach party. You could use such items as beach towels and beach balls as decoration you might want to set up a tiki bar there are many variations you could use to have a successful beach wedding it just takes a little planning .

Hello hello hello

Mar 13, 2012

Would You Get A Life Insurance

As a newlywed couple you should consider having a life insurance policy for you and your spouse.

You may be asking this question yourself: "Why do I need a life insurance policy?" When you are young, in good health and just starting out a good life, no need for insurance right? Wrong! One of the basic reason would be due to an untimely death either you or your spouse. Life insurance would help cover the funeral expenses which can be very expensive nowadays.

Life insurance can also supplement your income that would be lost in case of death of the policyholder which, in your case could be your spouse. Life insurance can also be a good investment because many policies have programs built-in that will help you save money. Some policies have a provision where you may borrow against the policy. For example, you might want to buy a house or educate your children in the future. Life insurance policy has dual benefits. Later in life as your financial goals change, life insurance can help you plan your retirement. When shopping for life insurance, make sure you use a reputable local agent that can explain all the benefits you would be entitled to.

Mar 12, 2012

How To Beat High Gas Prices

As a newlywed you are facing the highest price gas ever at this time of the year in the United States. This can definitely affect your budget.

You have some options that might help you control the amount of money that you will pay for your gas. If you have a large vehicle such as an SUV you might want to combine your trips such as going to the grocery, the bank or picking up the kids all-in-one as to cut down on the gas you use. Many people are actually purchasing small scooters and leaving the big car in the garage. This could cost you about $15-$1600 but could save you a lot of money. If you are lucky enough to live near a bus line you can usually purchase a monthly pass for a very reasonable price. Another alternative would be to buy a bicycle you can find a good one at Walmart for between $75 an $100. The last remedy would be the old-fashioned one to start walking. Have a great day.

Mar 9, 2012

New Apple IPad 3

The new Apple iPad three is now selling for $499. The iPad two has gone down to $399. What is the difference you might ask yourself? The display screen on the three makes everything look more lifelike and the image looks a lot sharper. Photos and videos show much more detail and colors are more vibrant. The iPad three has 3.1 million pixels powered by a A5x chip.

The iPad three is designed with next-generation wireless technology. You can download stream video and browse the web at amazing speed. You can shop online or visit an Apple retail store they will be glad you set it up for free.

Mar 8, 2012

Groom's Registry

In this politically correct world why should the bride be the only one to have a registry for the wedding?

So now we have the groom's registry. This is simply the groom creating a registry for himself. It works similar as the bride's registry with the groom listing items that he might need in his new home. The difference being the groom's registry may include gifts such as power tools, flat screen TVs and the latest gadgets. This is really a nice way for the friends of the groom to purchase something for him that he really wants or may need. This is a new idea but who knows it may catch on. This is the way that you can give your guests a greater selection of gift ideas from which to choose.

Mar 7, 2012

Clipix is the Right Tool to Organize

Reading the news is one hobby that I can't do without. It is the first thing that I do in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee in the Florida room. After reading the newspaper, I browse the news online with my iPad2. I also check out gadgets and take note of vacation places. But, I can't finish all these activities since I have other important matters to attend also. Much as I wanted to go back to what I read the day before, saving them is not at all that easy. Sometimes, I have to browse from the website again to find the specific article and that takes time..

I heard about clipix and after watching the video above, I got curious so; I sign up and tried it. Here's what my clipboards look like:

I took these pictures while my wife and I went to Nassau, Bahamas. It's amazing to note that clipix make my photo organizing fun and easy. Every picture has a button for mail, facebook, and twitter for easy sharing. If I wanted to share it to my family, I just click the mail button and in seconds, it is sent instantly. This is really convenient and I hope you will try this tool. Just visit and sign up a free account. Clipix is the right tool to organize your travel pictures, movies to watch and cooking photos. Let me know if you like it okay? Just leave your comments below.

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Mar 6, 2012

Short Sale Disappointment

If you are looking to buy a new home now is the time to do it as this is a buyers market. With the housing market in a slump prices are at an all-time low in many states such as Florida, Nevada, Arizona and California.

You have several options when looking for a new home you can purchase a foreclosed home from the bank. You may also purchase a home in what is called a short sale which in the in has to be approved by the lender which is generally a bank.

If you do have a lot of patiience you may want to purchase a home in what is called a short sale from a bank but I must warn you you must have a lot of patience. Let me give you an example of what you might encounter. Let us say you see a home advertise for $50 thousand dollars you decide to bid on it normally the lender has 90 days to approve your bid. You will be asked for good-faith money a small deposit probably around a thousand dollars. If you cancel the deal before the 90 days is up you will lose your deposit. If at the end of the 90 days the bank has not given you an answer you can cancel and your deposit will be returned. Normally the price of the home was set by the homeowner but the lender does not necessarily have to honor it. They will check the market value of the surrounding homes and if it is more they will raise the price. For example your $50,000 home could easily go to $60,000 or more. If the lender does this you may cancel the deal and your deposit will be returned. Is very stressful and disappointing to bid on a short sale you are much better off with a foreclosure. One of the advantages of a foreclosure is you will receive an answer generally in a few days. Be sure to use a reputable real estate agent they can guide you through this process.

Mar 5, 2012

Crashing a Wedding

Have you ever thought about crashing a wedding? This would be your opportunity to enjoy a good meal and meet new friends.

If you really want to be successful at this you should actually attend the wedding ceremony and not just show up at the reception. You also want to be dressed for the occasion whether it is a formal or informal wedding and bring an inexpensive gift make sure that it is wrapped appropriately.
To be successful you might want to try to pass yourself off as a distant relative. Most weddings have family member's from all parts of the country from aunt Jane from Florida to uncle Joe from Timbuktu. You should try to pass yourself off as a distant cousin. You should try to stay away from the immediate family of the bride if asked you could be a family member from the groom side. Another golden rule is not stay too long or call any attention to yourself. Do not get into any long-term conversations with anyone. Good luck and don't get caught.

Mar 2, 2012

Purchasing a Home

If you are a newlywed couple and are renting you might want to check into purchasing your own home.

Home prices in the United States are at an all-time low. In certain states such as Florida, California and Nevada they are really some unbelievable deals there. In the state of Florida you can find a three bedroom two bath in the price range from $29,000-$55,000 and with a few minor repairs have a very nice home.

If you can afford it the best way to purchase one of these foreclosed homes would be with cash. If you do have to finance you more than likely will have to come up with a 20% down payment which is still not bad because you will have a lower balance to finance. I would suggest that you find a well-qualified real estate agent when looking for a home as they can be very helpful. They will be very knowledgeable of the local market and could do comparison prices in the neighborhood you are interested in. They also have access to many listing.

Mar 1, 2012

Living In Small Space

If you have a small living room, bathroom or other spaces in your home there are ways to turn them into a nice cozy environment.

Certain colors can actually make a room seem larger than it is these are mainly light colors such as light shades of cream, gray or yellow. Certain colors can also make a room seem higher such as a bright green when painted on the ceiling.

Also your furniture arrangements can make your room seem larger. Instead of placing your furniture against the walls you might try angling some of it to the make the room like it has more depth. You have to experiment a little as it is easy to make a room look larger than it really is so get started I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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